Everything we do always has a big why. I believe there is – there is no such thing as doing something without a reason. A reason will be the backbone when all hopes seems lost, a reason is the call to action and a reason is what gives encouragement for growth. Just like what every superheroes have.

No – I am not turning into a superhero. But a transformation nonetheless. I wrote this for a callback when I turn into a roadblock towards growth. At first – this post might have only eluded to my fitness journey and throughout this journey I am sure that mindset and even life altering lessons will come.

“Why am I trying to be healthy?”

A silly question – of course everyone wants to be healthy. However, this reasoning is not deep enough to spur me into action. I gave up easily with this reasoning alone. I realized I have to get deeper.

For years, I am plagued with a pain in my legs. Every doctor I visited would have different diagnosis for me. Gout, Overweight, Fatty Liver, Diabetes (pre) and so on. And every single time, I engaged in the treatments and yet, no results were there. I still have onset flare-ups of pain. The latest diagnosis I got in 2020, was that I am suffering from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis [JIA]. Of course, when I heard it I was skeptical. Not another one. Here we go again with the diet restrictions and medications and whatnot.

During flare-ups, even a touch from my blanket felt as if my legs were crushed under a building. I could not function for days. I am 30 and yet for those few days I felt like I am an arthritic 80 year old. I grew to fear pain. I will limit myself in activities.

But I am tired of this. I want to move without fear. I want to grow old – looking for ward to a future where my legs, no…ALL my body parts functioning.

My action plan? I have decided to incorporate all advice in regards to the old and new diagnoses. Create myself a black box (notebook) as a guide for my journey. Hey – what hurt can it result into? I will just leave with a more healthier lifestyle.

In short: