This pandemic period has got my sleeping schedules out of whack.
Being home all the time, with nothing much going down – made me lose a sense of time.
The pandemic has been going on two years?1?
Well, THAT felt like an eternity. Wow…

There I was, falling asleep at 7pm, and then finding myself tossing and turning at 2am. And like any other insomniac – I grabbed my phone and search the edges of internet on how to sleep or cope not sleeping the next day. Yet, sleep is not coming to me. So I laid there, mindlessly browse the net – formulating on what to type in this entry.

So, here I am – nothing concrete to write about. Posting this entry at 6am.
Really – at this point should I even try to sleep or just muster up my will to get through the day. Maybe I will go down and treat myself to cup of Choco Coffee later…