Actually, this was a booster shot of Moderna. I have gotten my first two Sinovac shots. But boy, Moderna sure packed a punch after.

It has been 2 days since the shot, and I feel like I am going through a time in the clouds. Wake-Pee-Drink-Sleep. These did not happen from my Sinovac shots. Though there were cases of empty shots being administered – with the lack of side effects, did I fall prey to those empty shot scams?

Other than the office, I do not really go out. These 3 past years have me living like a hermit. Friendless and enclosed in my lonesome apartment. Or maybe hikikomori would be a term more accurate. Work (from home) – Game – Live. Thank god for my introverted self that I somehow survived by my lonesome. But it does get lonely sometimes…And as I wallow in pain, was it all worth it? It is not like I am meeting people day-to-day to warrant a third shot.

As I am writing this, I checked my temperature and it has gone down. Still sweating in an AC-ed room. Got my appetite back, however. My arms still feel like it was punched by Roger Kangaroo. This shit hurts as I type and my arm contracts. I am signing off. Got to grab the ice.